The Oregon State Council of Chapters Military Officers Association of America (OSCC) includes all chartered Chapters throughout Oregon who are in good standing with the Military Officers Association of America and who desire to affiliate with the Council.

MISSION: To support directly and through our affiliated chapters, the military community. This includes Active, Reserve, National Guard, Retired, and former Commissioned and Warrant officers of all seven Uniformed Services and their surviving spouses. 


  1. Support the membership in order to preserve and enhance their rights, benefits, entitlements, and quality of life
  2. Support those currently wearing the uniform of our Nations Armed Services, their spouses and families.
  3. Support the mission of the Military Officers Association. 


  1. Accomplish its mission by being one of the leading professional military organizations in the State of Oregon.
  2. Organize itself with strong local chapters to support key political issues in Oregon that impact the membership
  3. Pursue the growth of and program development for Surviving Spouses
  4. Pursue strong affiliations with military units within and without the State. This effort will include the involvement in and support of military family dependents.
  5. Take care of the Veteran. In do doing will assume an active role in supporting Veterans Homes, Stand-Downs, and Veteran support activities.
  6. Actively communicate with Chapters about the issues and concerns of our membership on both state and national levels; together we have a powerful voice!
  7. Form alliances with other Veteran organizations to enhance our political effectiveness. 


  1. Represent the consensus of the member chapters
  2. Help maintain a healthy affiliate system
  3. Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas among chapters
  4. Lead and coordinate state legislative matters in the interest of the military and veteran community
  5. Provide support for national MOAA's legislative and other objectives

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